Description: Motivational pop-rock track played with electric guitars, bass, drums, and piano. Ideal for advertisements of any kind.

Description: Période Rock chant 70 s guitare électrique Vocal clavier rapide mâle milieu varié

Description: Very energetic metal music track that really fills you with energy. Exciting powerful piece can be used as a background for video about summer or winter extreme sports, rally, drift, fighting. Drums, guitar, synthesizer make you feel adrenaline rush.

Description: Powerful metal track with cool guitar riffs, powerful drums, reverse effects, solo guitars, pitch effects and guitar solo. Also, there is some guitar arpeggios and feedback effects in the middle of the track that make the sound more creative and atmospheric. Perfect for use in sport (like boxing) videos, advertisements etc. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Milieu vers le haut de la chanson country, chant féminin. Grand battement et instrumentation. Paroles sont mignons. A attrait universel. Deux personnes sont très amoureux mais ils sont opposés complets. Les gens disent eux ils sont amour ne durera pas, mais ils savent que c'est.

Description: Vocal, shouts, extreme, rebellious, party, alternative

Description: Corporate Pop Rock song composed with melodies, delayed guitars U2 style, rock guitars, strings, synthesizers atmosphere, prompting the passing of optimism and achievement of your goals. For a use in a corporate or promotional work. Brit Pop influence like U2, Coldplay, Oasis, Blur, etc...

Description: "Confident" is positive, rush lite rock track with cool rhythm guitar to fit your speed trip feeling. This track is perfect for today television ad and come up with 4 versions, grab this track to enrich your video!

Description: Une piste rythmique et punchy avec surmultipliée et guitares funky. Un style breakbeat électronique avec une dose de rock, de danse et de funk. Une ambiance puissante et caverneux pour vos projets.

Description: An energetic and uplifting corporate indie rock track featured acoustic guitars, overdrive electric guitars, fast drums, tight bass, piano, background vocals. Positive indie rock music for corporate and business videos, presentations, web, vlog, film, advertising and animations that have an upbeat, fun, pop punk, exciting, good time, happy, and successful scenes. 135BPM, Em. Thank you for listening and purchasing-)