Description: Psycho! CRAZY. weird, nutty, suspenseful, thriller, movie, insane, dope, horror

Description: Epic cinematic orchestral track with low strings and emotional cello.The piece is sorrowful and thoughtful. Perfect for film/game trailers, intros and anything else where sad thoughtful music is needed. Included Instruments: Strings, Violins, Violas, Cello, Contrabass, Snare and Toms, Percussion, Synth.

Description: Dark cinematic ambient song with subtle rhythm undertones. Good for tension and sci fi.

Description: An inspiring, light, soft, melody loop with delay guitar and hi-hat. Soft, calm and relaxing atmosphere. A great accompaniment for transient moments, backgrounds in presentation, promo video, YouTube, commercial media.

Description: Mysterious, tense string orchestra with haunted piano interjections

Description: Dark, twisted sounds with build up suspense and horror fx

Description: Cinematic music cue for a murder mystery, crime show, missing persons, mind of a serial killer, and other dark and suspense themes. Music for investigative television such as Dateline and 48 Hours. Cold cases, unsolved murders, etc.

Description: Orchestral music cue depicting mystery, suspense, and drama. Music in the style of composer Bernard Herrmann who wrote mysterious music for Alfred Hitchcock.

Description: Dramatic cinematic music cue with a suspense, horror, fear, uncertain vibe. Like waiting for the verdict guilty or not guilty. Music for horror movies, court drama, murder mysteries, science fiction, and crime movies. Film Score Music.

Description: A Raven of three eyes sees many Thrones in this Game! The drums of war sound again as the army prepares to the sound of battle music ! Pain , Loss , and Mystery lead the way in this orchestral march of doom and glory . Will you save the villages and cities from imminent threat that approaches or seek refuge in the ranks of the enemy ? A flute there , a violin here , the orchestra is ready for this epic music loop . Let the Brass and Trumpets Sound!

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