Description: Fantasy - epic medieval music about fantasy worlds, magic, heroes. Mood: enchanted, cinematic, ancient, dream, spell, fantastic, fairy tale, hexen. Instruments: violin, cello, orchestra, epic drums, taiko drum, flute, portato oboe. Best for rpg video games, films, trailers, youtube videos.

Description: Strange Encounter is an 80's style synth Horror / Sci-fi score with huge swelling synth bass, syncopated arps, and lead guitar soaked in reverb.

Description: Atmospheric and floating electronica track working perfectly as an unintrusive background track for any scientific or research, space or travel projects and the like. Also good for videogame, movie, trailer, TV-show and other.

Description: Perfect music track for any trailer or media presentation needing something epic. Filled with orchestral staccato strings, cellos, arp synths, epic drum hits and the classic bass drop heard in new movie trailers.

Description: I originally wrote this as a mock up trailer to some "Elite game" videos that I saw on youtube. The beginning of the cue is a bit of the exploration that was occurring in the clips and the second half is the early melody re-voiced in a crescendo of brass.

Description: Synthesizer based science fiction tune with some interesting chord changes.

Description: Instrumental Composition. Romantic melancholy mood. Shrill and charming melodic line! It will be a great addition to your film!

Description: Moog and Guitars in a long sound effect. Sci - fi and alternative sounds

Description: Electronic Sound In Downtempo mood

Description: Hi! This is my new track is called “New Horizon” If you need futuristic cinematic sound with classic music elements, this music just for you.

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