Description: Moog and Guitars in a long sound effect. Sci - fi and alternative sounds

Description: Electronic Sound In Downtempo mood

Description: Hi! This is my new track is called “New Horizon” If you need futuristic cinematic sound with classic music elements, this music just for you.

Description: Mysterious empty lost ambient instrumental.Space travel.Deep Sea.

Description: In a desolate planet of human beings and the mission to save the only alien species and life forms remained, dragonflies bionic, alien bugs, unknown life forms, animal science fiction, strange creatures on our planet ... that's what I felt and imagined creating this track ... Ambient sci fi ... cinematic and video games ...

Description: A cool Ambient Outer space cue great for any media.

Description: A relentless antagonist; a barren landscape. Bass pulses cut through tremolo machine like strings; solemn cellos add weight. In the style of the great action/ sci-fi scores of the late 80s and 90s; dark, weighty, dramatic. Sync this to your most heart-pounding footage; see your vision complete!

Description: Sequencer-based retro, 80s style Science Fiction Theme/Intro for a film or game.

Description: Here is a smooth background music track with catchy melodies. Lead by piano it also features guitar, bass, drums and bells. This track is very optimistic and relaxing, it features electric guitar parts and can be used for any purpose from background music in video to games.

Description: Forbidden Planetoid 02 - An eerie, wailing electronic soundtrack for a 1950s Science Fiction movie.