Description: Il s'agit d'une bande-son de Symphonie conduite déterminée. Chaînes espoir sincères, carillons nobles, confiant entraînante caisse claire mars, puissant laiton victorieux, & fort basse autonomisation. Regal bâtiment hearted & grave avec impatience un sentiment magnifique, grandiose, majestueux & de victoire & liberté fier.

Description: melancholy, introspective, sad, nostalgic,

Description: Orchestral impulsions positives, Phillip Glass-Like.

Description: Ominous, dramatic, dark underscore based on percussion and strings. Perfect for trailers to heighten tension, in game/interactive settings as subtle background score or menu music, or in any project that needs a dark, subtle track to heighten drama. With 6:32 worth of music, this track gives you a lot of score for your money, and is easily loopable if you use the last tail as an intro to the beginning. Features full strings, brass, and choir, along with some of the best percussion sounds available.

Description: tour de force orchestral. Défiler, texture, thématiques, percussion, lyrique

Description: Downtempo musique, orchestre et des synthés. Musique de fond.

Description: Ambient soundscape for piano, strings, and electronic percussion. Perfect for projects that need a feeling of dramatic longing or nostalgia. Featuring a little bit less than 6 minutes of beautiful underscore capable of emphasizing emotion or simply remaining in the background, this unobtrusive cue gives you and your editors enormous flexibility to fade in or out, is loopable with careful editing, and has a definitive ending if your project needs a feeling of completion.

Description: orchestre spectaculaire et lisse avec des chaînes légères

Description: Sentimental touching piano w/light orchestra

Description: Pièce sombre et solitaire, avec un arrangement de cordes délicates

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