Description: Great action hybrid music with emotional cinematic ambient structure for your media projects.

Description: Musical backgraund for any mystical art

Description: An inspiring, light and emotionally music perfect for romantic and wedding videos, inspirational and motivational presentations, slideshows, video production and any project needing a relaxed vibe. Piano, flying pads and dubstep.

Description: Serene but moving piece signifying the dawn of a new day.

Description: Cinematic orchestral song invoking feelings of wonder and and whimsy.

Description: Orchestral music cue designed for war documentaries, war films, dramatic action films, action adventure films, and epic heroic films. Military percussion intro with orchestra sections playing a melodic theme. Epic sounding music.

Description: Patriotic music cue with large orchestral and orchestral section fanfares. Military feel to it. Music for military ceremonies, medal presentation, military honors, and salute to the military.

Description: Orchestral music cue for war documentaries, war films, video games, action adventure, battle scenes, and dramatic action films. Intense string parts supported by rhythmic percussion and a big brass sound.

Description: Here is an imposing, grandiose film / documentary production company orchestral crescendo logo. The instrumentation used is strings, brass, choir, harp, timpani, bass drum, snare drum, sticks, cymbals & bar chimes.

Description: Orchestral theme for a Fantasy setting.

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