Description: Beautiful cinematic orchestral piece featuring pizzicato cello, vibraphone, french horn and marimba. This piece will perfectly suit for advertising, movie, game, promotional video, tv programm, photo album, vacation film, presentation and Youtube video.

Description: A cinematic score, dark and wondrous that mixes orchestral instruments with native american and celtic undertones creating a soundtrack to a beautiful landscape. Great for adventure, period and cultural films and documentaries ala Hunger Games, Snow White, Braveheart, The Village etc.

Description: Epic Pagan War – energetic track that combines percussion, toms and gong. This mystical bouquet decorated with orchestra, brass and strings that create a muted atmosphere and forced to listen to every sound. Ideal for commercial projects, movies, commercials, computer games. Also suitable for the film (cinema, movie), game, motivational background, patriotic scenes, tense scenes – chase, battle, war.

Description: Good for a small intro, to put on some website , Cinematic orchestra, epic

Description: It is suitable for movies, video games, orchestral sound for movies, adventure, action, fantasy

Description: very calm, for a fantasy film intro, adventure, cinematic calm and sweet ... sweet orchestral sounds exciting fantasy-style

Description: A dark, creepy and menacing orchestral track that conveys a tense mood of mystery, the unknown and fear. A ghostly piano, strings and brass create a mysterious, sinister atmosphere. Great for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, films and video games.

Description: Full orchestral rendering featuring lots of exciting brass and driving percussion. Lots of twists and turns in a dance to the death. Complete with nice brass and string chorale in the middle filled with heroic themes. Perfect for a film or Video Game!

Description: This piece is perfect for a cinematic film or its trailer. Intense suspense! Even though the beat is pushed into the background, each instrument is intricately compressed and balanced to give it that cinematic strength and power.

Description: An inspirational and uplifting cue with full orchestra with a John Williams ending.