Description: sad sunny day music with cello and piano

Description: Romantic Piano - cinematic romantic music. Beautiful calm melody with piano and orchestra. Grand and sweeping, for a dynamic love story. Great for romantic movies, documentaries, nature, ethnic and world productions and much more.

Description: Cinematic Ambient - cinematic musical track with ambient. Simple melody with orchestra and ambient sound. Perfect for wistful, dreamy and nostalgic projects, for commercials, documentaries, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, sports montages, business presentations, photo slideshows and more.

Description: Epic instrumental tune evoking the sense of powerful greatness arising from mysterious depths. Spacious, atmospheric vibe. Intense, soaring feel. Sublime, majestic mood. Inspiring, imaginative melody. Rich, lush harmonies. Ambient cinematic rhythm. Recommended as a musical theme or background for scenes illustrating the growing impetus of natural forces (e.g. tsunami waves) and more.

Description: Cinematic dramatic track. Gorgeous and inspirational theme.

Description: This contemporary new age music combines a mellow and relaxing style with a soothing and peaceful style. The marimba lead fuses with the soothing keys and soft bass to create a track perfect for nature, travel, ads, business and more.

Description: This dreamy music combines an ethereal sound with a soft and beautiful style. The soothing rhythms are complimented with a soft flute melody and a vibe that is heavenly. This music works great for a wide variety of applications including television, documentary, film, and more.

Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects.Perfect for commercials, advertising projects, documentary, romantic film scenes, personal projects etc.