Description: A feel good, quirky and cheerful track with a sense of youth, romance, taking a summer trip...etc. Instrumentation: Ukelele, claps, bass drum, accordeon, piano, bells. Some parts of this track can be easily looped. Track length: 2:24

Description: Orchestral theme sad delicate rainy day. So beautiful atmospheric beautiful bittersweet caring confused disenchanted disillusioned dramatic dreamy elegant emotional ethereal forgiving graceful grand heartbroken heavenly honest innocent intelligent longing loving meaningful nervous passionate pulsating romantic sad.

Description: Malheureusement le thème romantique avec une disposition de style de film. Cordes luxuriantes résonnent des émotions sincères sur une grande échelle.

Description: Doux et pensif, joyeux comique romantique faire le tour. Europe de l'Est de style Gypsy tradtional joué par un petit orchestre. Main Mix, le mouvement de cordes, le mouvement pour clarinette, 44sec, 15sec et 09 sec versions

Description: Celtic magic medieval fantasy track, very rhythmic, suitable for historical substrate to the video story

Description: Tranquille et doux, été à la campagne. Slow piano rythmique, harpe classique et cordes douces. Main Mix, soulignement, 60, 30 et 12 versions sec

Description: This heroic epic Celtic magical piece that is quite suitable for historical documentary film or cartoon. However, it is up to the buyer, I just leave it here.

Description: Beautiful instrumental orchestral track with traditional tools, calm beginning and rapid development, the heroic nature of the track. Where to apply it to solve Buyers

Description: peaceful, relaxed, romantic, sensual, keyboard, piano

Description: This nostalgic piano and string piece is perfect to accompany anything requiring music that's both reflective, as well as yearning for yesteryear. Strings help develop the arrangement, without getting in the way of the piano melody.

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