Description: A classic Horror style track, decent for Halloween and slightly slightly discordant with woodwinds phrases and cold viola melody to ratchet up the perfect horror style film scene. Very useful for creating the perfect horror atmospheres.

Description: 'Organic Fear' is a dark, deep, dissonance and horror track.

Description: Strange but calm beginning slowly turns into threat and fear, developing orchestral dramatic climax with terror at end,evil build

Description: piano,suspense,unusual,tention,weird,strange

Description: Starts with a shock and keeps throbbing until no one's left standing. Analog synths and percussion drive the gore. Do Advanced search for related themes. Tags: mp-pulse; Artist: moodpaint

Description: Slithering strings and watchful horns keep an eye out for enemies in the dark. Starts staccato, grows sustained, and ends in a furious blaze.

Description: The classic doomsday theme never fails to horrify and delight. This version is performed by string ensemble and sounds like Bartók or Herrmann. Search Mood Paint's deep horror collection for similarly chilling cues. Do Advanced search. Tags: mp-horror; Artist: moodpaint

Description: They're creepy and they're small. But don't underestimate them!

Description: Creeping double basses, threatening percussion, and anxious violins lead this suspenseful foray into the dark. Do Advanced search for related themes. Tags: mp-vlad; Artist: moodpaint

Description: Dark horror soundscape. You never know what will happen after