Description: Energetic, groovy and aggressive metal loop with overdrive guitars, drums, bass. Suitable for action and fight scenes, sports videos, transitions, background, car race, extreme sport video, motivational sport movie, workout, war and any projects are needing a power, energy and driving vibe.

Description: Thematic music for war documentaries, war films, battle games, and dramatic films. Epic orchestral music with a strong melodic theme. Action adventure thematic music with dramatic undertones.

Description: A theme for a dramatic/action moment of a movie

Description: A might hero of an ancient time and place embarks on a new journey

Description: Driving Metal Loop. Energetic, intense, confident. Good use for game's backgrounds, films, videos, action movie and more.

Description: Here is a cheerful, uplifting & magical film / documentary production company orchestral logo in unusual time signatures. The instrumentation used is strings, woodwinds, brass, timpani, glockenspiel, celesta, bass drum & cymbals.

Description: Orchestral music leaded by a piano. Very animated, the music is announcing something big. In this process, the music is acompained by a violin and cello. Then all explodes and the entire orchestra is sounding as a single living being walking and moving forward with a lot of energy and determination. Very good for films and movies, also for corporate and business productions and advertising.

Description: instrumental music composition made for orchestra. It has a taiko drums and war horns. Very good for epic films and corporate productions. Also fits perfectly in advertising and other media. The mood is determined and aggresive, maybe explaining about the hard life in nature or engaging in a war.

Description: White Knight - Epic cinematic melody about medieval light hero, bright heroic mood, brave and valor. Instruments: string orchestra, violin, portato, epic drums, flute, brass. Best for trailers, films, video games.

Description: A track that is meant to evoke feelings of a calm reflective sadness, hope, dreams, thought, introspectiveness and reminiscence. This track is good for the main titles of a movie, or perhaps underscoring a scene that needs some heartfelt music behind it. Would work well for a short film, feature, documentary or YouTube film.