Description: Powerful, energetic and groovy metal loop. Strong character, heavy guitar, high speed and intense drums. Good use for video reports from racing, video games, advertising cars, extreme sports, action movie and more!

Description: Modern distorted guitars, big drums and heroic motive make up this cinematic heavy metal loop. Perfect for movie trailers, video games, youtube videos, transitions, logos or any type of promotional video!

Description: Energetic, groovy and aggressive metal loop with overdrive guitars, drums, bass. Suitable for action and fight scenes, sports videos, transitions, background, car race, extreme sport video, motivational sport movie, workout, war and any projects are needing a power, energy and driving vibe.

Description: Driving Metal Loop. Energetic, intense, confident. Good use for game's backgrounds, films, videos, action movie and more.

Description: epic cinematic loop for your project.

Description: The discovery of a Nazi Death Camp by U.S. Army GIs and the reflection and implications of the importance of the rescue. From one music cue for film.

Description: Loop with powerful action drums

Description: This guitar synthesizer track has strong electronic influence. Pretty good for heroic videos. The mood is confident, patriotic, pompous and proud.

Description: Featuring a variety of ethnic/world instruments including sarod, yangqin (Asian dulcimer), shehnai (Indian oboe), and taiko drums, this dramatic, driving track is designed to transport the listener to the timeless and mysterious regions of the east. The tension builds as the textured instruments and drums gain momentum and weave various eastern melody lines together. The tension is answered with the entrance of the soaring female voice of "the oracle". Perfect for dramatic film scenes or gaming sequences that require a certain ethnic-flavored mystery.

Description: “Dark Fantasy Love” depicts the life of a forgotten hero. Upon his return to his home, he realised he has lost everything - including his loved ones. What’s left are the memories that he had once experienced… Various versions are available: 1) Dark Fantasy Love (2:41) 2) Dark Fantasy Love Intro (0:47) 3) Dark Fantasy Love Loop (1:36) 4) Dark Fantasy Love Section 1 Loop (0:48) 5) Dark Fantasy Love Section 2 Loop (0:48) 6) Dark Fantasy Love Section 3 Loop (0:48) 7) Dark Fantasy Love Outro (0:45)

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