Description: Experimental, rhythmic, rousing and unusual composition for videos, games, audio collections and other projects! Instruments in track: drums, basses, cellos, violins, trumpets, trombones and oboe. Enjoyable listening!

Description: Epic and motivating environment. Self-improvement, adventure and optimism for a song that can be tailored to series, movies, pictures or funds for any situation in which quality music for a project to achieve the expected results is needed.

Description: Beautiful, epic and inspiring trailer. Perfect for background, scoring, beautiful, powerful and emotional videos, historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games, sport visuals, titles, titres and many other projects!

Description: inspiring and motivational cinematic track ideal for commercial video projects.

Description: inspirational cinematic track featuring orchestra, drums, piano and music box for your project.

Description: Adventure, epic, intense and heroic composition for movies and games, trailers, teasers, advertising and other projects! Instruments in track: drums, basses, cellos, violins, trumpets and trombones. Enjoyable listening!

Description: Epic Motivational track perfect for motivational trailers to the movies with a suspenseful plot, battles, sea voyages and dangers, racing, pursuit, shooting, treasure hunt, amorous adventures, to the video advertising product review, to video games and other projects. In the track’s piano Intro, then join the strings.

Description: An uplifting motivational track with undertones of Americana and Country

Description: Instrumental music composed for orchestra and leaded by a strings section. Other featured instruments are harp, flute and classical percussion. This music is very near to soundtrack style and the mood is very dramatic but determined, so it can fits perfectly in epic and fantasy films. Also can be very good for reports, documentaries and other productions.

Description: Instrumental music composed for orchestra and folk instruments. The mood is positive and it is very near to describe a medieval scene, maybe in a court of a king. This music can be very useful in films and TV series. Also for advertising projects about traditional and high quality products.

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