Description: Hard-hitting drums, dramatic strings, upbeat tempo. Could be useful for a scene involving a police chase, a battle, sport fighting (boxing, MMA, martial arts) promo, medical drama, a dramatic film trailer, or anything that requires a pounding dramatic score.

Description: This darc epic track is perfect for a cinematic film intro, montage, or trailer.

Description: Epic Inspiring trailer music for your projects!

Description: Proud, uplifting and inspirational. Big dramatic theme for those good Samaritans and local heroes in life who just get the job done and make your chest swell with pride and humility. Features full orchestra, building from quiet beginnings, swelling to a big epic crescendo double at the end. 60sec, 30sec and sting

Description: Powerful, driving, furious and energetic metal for your video, audio collections and other projects. Perfect for action scenes, extreme videos, fightings, sports, racing and flying videos, adventures, travels, slideshows, featurettes, viral marketing, video blogs, advertising, video games and movies. Thanks for listening!

Description: Modern and futuristic track with electronic loops and orchestra - perfect for presentation, commercial, movie or any visual project

Description: Dark, hard and aggressive metal loop with overdrive guitars, drums, bass and delay guitar on the background. Suitable for action and fight scenes, sports videos, transitions, cinematic background, car race and any projects are needing a power, horror and strong vibe.

Description: Very energetic, powerful, heavy and groovy metal loop: action drums, distortion guitars. Good for action scenes, battles and fight, strong emotional moments and climax, background, video games, sports, extreme sports and more.

Description: Very energetic, powerful, heavy and groovy metal loop: action drums, distortion guitars. Great for modern projects, sports video, action scenes and battles, extreme, sports and any projects needing a strong emotional mood.

Description: Energetic metal loop with heavy guitars, drums, heroic motive in the background. Perfect for use in extreme movie, energetic transitions, hard sport videos, vimeo background, speed race, haunting, cinema, war games and more.