Description: Woman singing on top of Tibetan throat singing.

Description: Music inspired from Asian forests and mountain ranges with a calm and beautiful chord progression. Dreamy and mysterious and with a bit melancholy. Great for documentaries, historical documentaries and background music for video with high emotional content.

Description: Throat singing with percussion and Tibetan mouth harp. Inspired by the music and culture of the mysterious and spiritual mountain country of Tibet.

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Description: A traditional-sounding upbeat Chinese track.

Description: Hypnotic, fast moving and catchy Indian Bhangra groove, full of energy, drive and passion. Contemporary western influences fused with traditional cinematic colourful Bhangra dance. Features electronic drums alongside tablas, synths alongside Asian strings. Great for travelogue, fashion and documentary. Main, underscore, 60, 30 and 10sec cuts

Description: Soundscape with chanting monk over drone sounds.

Description: Light reflective meditation track that flow beautifully like water. Easy Asian contemplative perspective with Sitar, Flute, Traditional Drums and Passive Synth and Keyboard. Documentary music, World Beat, Spa and Relaxation Museums and Galleries Chill and enjoy. Instrumental, Asian Music, Asian New Age