Description: Indian music with native american flute, shaman drum, rattles percussion, piano etc..

Description: The drums provides the entrance in an 7/8 feel to give pass to the piano single melody, with the trumpet improvissation to fall after on a 5/8 bridge, and then the change to 6/8 blues leade by the piano, and then back to the 5/8 rhythm and again the 7/8 beat guided by drums. A very fussion style in the "James Bond" concept.

Description: Haunting pipes and earth drums and ethereal instruments too mystical identify paint a scene of mystery and other-wordliness.

Description: Enjoy an upbeat grooving party atmosphere song with a world fusion flavor. Features an array of exotic eastern instruments as well as traditional western sounds like the shehnai oboe trading phrases with the chinese erhu as the bass and drums keep it tight. Good music for diverse multimedia projects, Vocal Samples, World Fusion, Pan-World Fusion

Description: Low ambient synth pad drones, lush pads, clean and powerful MPC style drum programming, bright percussion, fretless electric bass, a catchy lead piano melody, and rich orchestral strings. Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs thoughtful and relaxing world / pop music with a catchy lead hook.

Description: Acoustic guitar strums, turntable cuts, banging kicks, crisp hats and percussion, lush strings, a catchy pan flute melody, smooth electric bass guitar, congas, delay piano chord stabs, and a distorted electric guitar solo. Perfect for any TV show or film that needs lush hip-hop / film music with very catchy melodies.

Description: World percussion, Uplifting, cheerful, groovy World beat pop track, with instruments from lots of countries celebrating together with a happy, positive groove

Description: Guitare acoustique d'enregistrement à l'intérieur de la Reine & amp; #039; s chambre dans la grande pyramide, Gizeh Egypte.

Description: Un conduite morceau guitare moyen-orientale, égyptienne, avec une introduction d'entraînante qui se déplace en une mélodie forte, édifiante et puissante qui s'appuie à un point culminant. Reportées à un rythme qui rappelle le thème ethnique du monde qui s'appuie à une finale spectaculaire.

Description: Électronique musique folklorique. Arrangement de Drum and bass.