Description: This jocular folk melody lives somewhere between Russian balalaika, Greek tavern, and polka. Works both as playful source music or as a cheeky TV spot.

Description: Mexican folk theme for flute and guitar starts with a challenge, progresses through some suspenseful action, and ends with a red cape fluttering easily in the wind.

Description: Impish woodwinds and creeping strings warn of a coming threat. What devil crawls there in the night? Do Advanced search for related themes. Tags: mp-monsters; Artist: moodpaint

Description: A low, plaintive flute melody hovers over menacing strings and judgmental horns. Can signify a guilty conscience or comment on a dirty deed.

Description: A naive and jaunty cue suggesting clumsiness, silliness, or a jocular stroll through the garden.

Description: This surprisingly sad "America the Beautiful" features soft, dissonant strings as Old Glory struggles to emerge. It's patriotic, but mournful. Then suddenly proud.

Description: A brassy, bombastic march for an imperious leader. Great for portraying Nazis, polemic speeches, war and destruction, or any cruel audacity.

Description: Nervous love theme for two displaced people. Small chamber orchestra emphasizes woodwinds, a shy violin, and soft, pizzicato heartbeats from the basses. See Mood Paint's thematically related piano solos "Sad Sam" and "You and Eli" for more variations.

Description: A classic circus band theme with motives for clowns, stunts, pratfalls, and peals of laughter. Works equally well for nostalgia or madcap comedy.

Description: Energetic, blithe, and bouncy: this light-hearted tune makes action, transitions, or montages jump into motion.

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