Description: Bright guitars, solid beat, social feel, slightly serious

Description: Positive lead guitar, strummed rhythm guitar, feels good

Description: Mid tempo, serious, soul searching, warm guitar, Latin rhythm

Description: Up tempo, winning, punchy power guitar, driving beat

Description: Intro, rock, pensive guitar riff, heavy bass, somber mood, mid tempo, guitar, bass, drums

Description: Intro, rock, big and romantic, floating acid guitar riff, solid rhythm, guitar, bass, drums

Description: Intro, rock, sinister power punch guitar, screaming wah wah guitar, guitar, bass, drums

Description: Intro, syncopated guitar melody, punch guitar accents, mid tempo, guitar, bass, drums, rock, guitar synthesized vocal

Description: Intro, Fuzzy warm and big guitars, makes a statement, guitar, bass, drums, rock

Description: Intro, stuttering guitar riff, robotic, poppin drums, guitar, bass, drums, rock

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