Description: Patriotic tv theme, offbeat, colorful, comedy, wacky, march, odd ball, military misfits

Description: Crime drama, mysterious, dark, motion, clues, orchestral, evil

Description: Frantic, cartoon, colorful, crazy, animation, slapstick, children, orchestral

Description: Heartfelt, melancholy, orchestral, lush, expressive, emotional, personal

Description: Happy go lucky theme, upbeat, folksy, hometown guitar and fiddle

Description: Espionage theme, cool, sophisticated, mysterious, double agents, strings and horns, retro

Description: Dark choir, evolving, magic, orchestral, mysterious, gothic, enchantment, supernatural

Description: Strange, quirky, lightly sinister, odd ball, loping, inspector theme

Description: Latin, exciting, hussle, colorful, driving, percussion, horns

Description: Upbeat, positive, exciting, dance, colorful, youth, game show, television

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