Description: Anticipation, violin, novelty, mischievous, piano, comedy, fun, humorous, piano

Description: Upbeat, rhythm section, two beat, two moods, piano, religious, blues, driving, Gospel

Description: Inspiring, delicate, piano, heartfelt, romantic, warm, orchestral

Description: Jazz, quiet, emotional, lonely, solitude, piano, soft, romantic, nostalgic, reflective, sentimental

Description: Warm and enduring, opening, light activity, soft sell, work part

Description: Opener, nostalgic, piano, light activity, warm, soft sell, opener, closer, work part

Description: Chromatic up and down figure to resolve

Description: Gentle, rising mood, piano, nature, soft, work part

Description: A bouncy playful and bluesy tune that covers a number of bases from lounge and piano bar to honky tonk saloon. Good traveling music

Description: Pianos tell a mysterious tale of intrigue and suspense. Useful in dark and eerie scenes. Somber, Serious and Emotional overtones.

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