Description: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, happy, bouncy, bright, cute, simple, friendly, neighborly, honest, sincere, country, Americana

Description: Happy and bouncy Americana, major key, Carefree, Heart warming, catchy, Simple

Description: Indie Country, Light, Easy, Country, Outdoor, Rhythm Section, Nature, Banjo, Loping, Travel, Slow, Ambling

Description: Bayou, Southern blues, swampy, bluesy, guitar, attitude, rural, harmonica, slide guitar

Description: Folksy, country, bluegrass, easy, nature, hillbilly, harmonica, medium tempo, banjo

Description: Southern chuggin, swampy, bluesy, acoustic guitar, traveling, harmonica, rural,slide guitar

Description: Rural, memories, light hearted, easy, country, harmonica,simple times, acoustic guitar

Description: Retro, Country, Western, Swing, Nostalgia, Small Band, Energetic, Happy, Bouncy

Description: Swamp, Hick Hop, Hick Hop Rural, Southern SFX, Harmonica lead, fun, steady

Description: Swamp, Harmonica, steady, Specialty, humor, Southern, comedy

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