Description: Patriotic Performances, Traditional

Description: Patriotic Performances, Americana, fanfare, Historical, Patriotic, March, Military, somber, dignified, respectful, scenic, panoramic, majestic

Description: Fully orchestrated, strings and brass on melody. Grandiose throughout.

Description: Light intro, harmonica and winds, trumpet calls in middle, contemporary and upbeat ending.

Description: Percussion comical intro, alternating melody solos, small to large orchestral sizes.

Description: Peaceful, quiet, small, reflective orchestra, intimate, reverent.

Description: Patriotic swing, relaxed- nostalgic, bluesy

Description: Light intro, french horn melody into full brass. Slow and sentimental, big middle and end.

Description: Easy intro, light orchestration, flutes, bells, fuller in the middle, stately ending.

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