Description: Melodic electric guitar blues, rock, Wurlitzer, Traditional 12 bar, driving, southern

Description: Melodic solo electric guitar blues, driving rock, freestyle, energetic, simple gritty, swaggering, funky, southern

Description: Gritty blues,down and dirty

Description: Blues Harmonica, Southern, Bayou, Sexy,Sultry, Laid back, Easy going, Pretty, Bittersweet, Poignant

Description: Blues Harmonica, Cajun, Swampy, Slide Guitar, Confident, Primal, Gritty, Southern

Description: Swamp Rock, Blues Harmonica, Jungle Rock, Southern, Swagger, Humid, Macho, Attitude

Description: Blues Harmonica, Free-wheelin traveling music, attitude, confident gritty, Sexy, Humid, Macho

Description: Light comical, bluesy, loping, acoustic

Description: Good time blues, swampy harmonica, backwoods, train chuggin

Description: Slow truckin blues, in the basement

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