Description: Static and interference from detuned radio in between stations

Description: Idling diesel tractor engine, thumps from bales of hay being loaded into trailer

Description: Food simmering in saucepan on gas hob. Sound of bubbling water and hiss of burning gas

Description: Small stream flowing over pebbles recorded in wooded valley, occasional bird call. Loop ready. Note that this file is designed to be looped by repeating whole file on DAW timeline and that there is not necessarily a zero crossing at the beginning or the end of the file.

Description: Kitchen ambience, preparation of food, moving pans, extractor fan in background

Description: Inside carriage of electric inter city passenger train as its slows down and arrives at station. Passengers getting ready to leave train. General murmur and movement

Description: Light propellor driven aircraft flying overhead in the distance

Description: Loud piercing warbling fire alarm

Description: Earthquake from inside building. Deep rumble accompanied by the rattling and shaking of glasses, plates, furniture. Increases in intensity and objects fall and smash including windows, ceiling, furniture, crockery, structure of the building collapses. Then earthquake rumble subsides and we are left with the sound of a car alarm and a dog barking outside on the street.

Description: Gentle waves on sandy beach.

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