Description: Man's footsteps approaching from the far distance in an empty echoey corridor. Leather shoes with hard soles on parquet floor. On arrival shuffle of feet and a breath out.

Description: Traffic with two motorbikes passing, car horns and occasional squeal of brakes

Description: Old UK style dial telephone ringing. From circa 1960/1970s. Loopable

Description: 70s Telephone Ring, European single ring

Description: Scuba diving bubbles from breathing. Close recording as if from point of view of diver

Description: VHS cassette rewinding. Clunky controls, motor engages and slowly speeds up. Stop pressed

Description: Ticking stopwatch, close recording

Description: Shiny sparkling glitter gently falling from the sky. Fantasy pantomime sound effect.

Description: Small waves running through rocky channel, slow and regular swell, dripping and splashing

Description: Deer barking and screaming in distance, haunting nocturnal woodland scenic

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