Description: Long steam train whistle, sound of carriages running over tracks, recorded from interior of train

Description: Railway train rattling over tracks recorded from inside carriage

Description: Small steam train arriving at station, sound of whistle, large hiss of steam as finally stops

Description: Diesel electric freight train passing through station

Description: Passengers in fast moving electric powered inter city train. Conversations and general murmur. British accents

Description: Fast moving electric powered inter city railway train. Sounds of passengers talking and moving about in carriage. Sounds of carriage rattling and squeaking. Sound changes as passing bridges and tunnels

Description: British 21st Century intercity train travelling down rural valley. Distant roar of the train getting louder as it approaches with a couple of warning horn signals echoing, the first very faint. Some birdsong in the background and a woodland stream flowing over pebbles in the foreground.

Description: Small stream train leaving station, sound of whistle, train building up steam and running over tracks

Description: Inter City diesel electric train arriving at outdoor station platform, squeal and pneumatic hiss of breaks, sound of doors unlocking

Description: Inter City diesel electric train idling, waiting to depart on station platform. Sound of engine, occasional door slam and beeping

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