Description: Train waiting to depart at station, sound of people chatting, entering carriage, recorded form interior

Description: Train waiting to depart at station, sound of people in carriage, murmur of station announcement

Description: Inter City train stationary at platform waiting to depart. Passengers boarding, some passengers leaving carriage, others having conversations, reading newspapers, stowing luggage. Guards whistle and train slowly departs. UK English voices

Description: Inside diesel electric train carriage waiting to depart station. Carriage relatively empty, sound of other passengers fidgeting, sorting baggage, door slamming, whine of engine idling.

Description: Freight train pulling many wagons rattling over railway tracks, travelling at a medium slow speed

Description: Fast moving electric powered inter city railway train. Sounds of carriage rattling and squeaking. Sound changes as passing bridges and tunnels

Description: Passengers in fast moving electric powered inter city train. Conversations and general murmur. British accents

Description: Inside carriage of electric inter city passenger train as its slows down and arrives at station. Passengers getting ready to leave train. General murmur and movement

Description: Doors slamming, sound of people on platform, guards whistle, train starts to move

Description: British 21st Century intercity train travelling down rural valley. Distant roar of the train as it approaches with several warning horn signals echoing. Some birdsong in the background as well as distant indistinct children's voices.

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