Description: Song Thrush singing in the morning, other birdsong in the background, occasional dove cooing and crwo cawing, woodland ambience

Description: Song Thrush calling with other birdsong in background, natural woodland valley ambience

Description: Hundreds of jackdaws coming home to roost in woodland. Lots of calling and commotion. Evening nature ambience

Description: Small songbird (Song Thrush) with other birdsong in background

Description: Songbird, with other birdsong in background, natural woodland ambience

Description: Small songbird, recorded close, moves towards recording location, occasional flutter of wings

Description: Small song bird (great tit) recorded close, sound of other birdsong in background, sound of wings fluttering, landing.

Description: Pheasant disturbed in woods, making a lot of noise to begin with and calming down. Other birdsong in the background

Description: Blackbird song with other bird song in the background

Description: Many rooks roosting for the night. Lots of cawing amongst the tree tops. Other bird song in the background and one fly buzzing later on in the recording.

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