Description: Ominous background ambience of spaceship interior peacefully cruising through space. Loop Ready

Description: Intense high pitched drone layered of deep rumble, signifying disorientation, confusion and intense pain

Description: Background wild party chatter and laughter. English language spoken with hints of American accents. Early 20th century style bohemian party

Description: Shifting layers of metallic harmonics. Future shock industrial landscapes with edge of tension and suspense.

Description: Distant rumble of city traffic, occasional distant siren of police cars. Some cars more in the foreground. Loop ready.

Description: A vortex sucking in all matter in its vicinity. Fantasy horror or sci fi sound effect. Loop ready

Description: Empty living room ambience in city apartment or house. Tick tock of mechanical wind up clock. Hint of domestic appliances, some birdsong from outside and distant rumble of traffic. Designed to be played at low volume but recorded and designed to peak around -12 db to keep quality intact. Loop ready.

Description: Alien siren alarm sound effect. Electronic emergency alarm for space station. Retro science fiction.

Description: Slow spooky tick tock of heightened grandfather clock pendulum swing

Description: Peaceful and tranquil sci fi cinematic soundscape. Spaceship interior. Background hum of power generators with light ethereal tones shifting and evolving above. Seamlessly Looping

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