Description: Dark intense mysterious sci fi horror ambience. Ominous, creepy atmospheric suspense.

Description: Naval Rescue helicopter hovering near cliff. The sound from the blades comes in out of phase

Description: Prelude from J S Bach suite for solo cell no.1. Energetic, majestic and glorious.

Description: Crickets, owls hooting and fallow deer barking

Description: Driving Mercedes 230 TE, recorded inside car. Starts, revs, pulls away.

Description: Building on fire, structure falling down, windows smashing

Description: Upbeat dance groove that evolves into something more intense and industrial, energetic and lively

Description: Uplifting ambient soundscape with hints of Indian melody, full of mystery.

Description: Busy city traffic, car horns, cars idling, traffic jam.

Description: Uplifting dreamy pop rock with a chugging rhythm, suitable for adverts and corporate promos.

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