Description: Young woman laughing flirtatiously

Description: Birdsong then shotgun blast then commotion from Jackdaws and crows

Description: Inside underground train arriving at station. Sound of carriages over tracks in tunnel, pneumatic hiss and squeal of brakes, train arriving at station and coming to halt, doors opening

Description: Ticking stopwatch, close recording

Description: Ominous background ambience of spaceship interior peacefully cruising through space. Loop Ready

Description: Packing bags ready for travel. Lots of sorting. Opening zips, shoving clothes in bags, rattling of contents.

Description: Background wild party chatter and laughter. English language spoken with hints of American accents. Early 20th century style bohemian party

Description: Pump house regulating water pressure, gushing water under pressure

Description: Shiny sparkling glitter gently falling from the sky. Fantasy pantomime sound effect.

Description: Cattle grazing on Alpine meadow, stream in the background

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