Description: Car indicator clicking, sound of lever pulled at beginning

Description: Car Interior Mercedes Automatic 2","Gear moved into drive and car accelerates, goes through various manoeuvres driving on rural roads. 1980s Mercedes 230 TE

Description: Driving automatic 1980s Mercedes 230 TE through country lanes, recorded from interior

Description: Driving 1980s Mercedes 230TE along free flowing country roads, recorded inside car

Description: Driving Mercedes 230 TE, recorded inside car. Starts, revs, pulls away.

Description: Driving 1980s Mercedes 230 TE automatic, fairly fast, recorded inside car

Description: Driving 1980s Mercedes 230 TE on busy road, various manoeuvres, recorded in car interior

Description: driving 1980s mercedes 230TE on busy road, sound of cars passing in opposite direction

Description: Driving 1980s mercedes 230 TE automatic, recorded inside car. Starts, pills away, various manoeuvres on country road

Description: Central locking, locking and unlocking, Renault Trafic

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