Description: Howling gale blowing around wooden building, recorded from inside

Description: Eerie synthesized wind, haunting and descriptive of abandoned derelict places

Description: Very strong wind blowing around tent. Sound of fabric flapping and being pulled, whistling of wind through guy lines and along length of tent

Description: Howling gale, sound of strong wind whistling through trees and buildings

Description: Strong wind blowing top of tree canopy gets stronger through recording

Description: Tent been blown about by strong arctic wind, fabric flapping, recorded inside tent

Description: Wind catching and flapping loose sail chaotically around on sail boat

Description: Wind blowing through temporary shelter with roof made from tarpaulin

Description: Wind blowing through temporary shelter with tarpaulin as a roof. Rough flapping and tugging of fabric and mountings

Description: Wind pulling and tugging at loose sail, fabric flapping and billowing chaotically

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