Description: Dawn chorus in rural England. Many birds singing, including Blackbirds, Song Thrushes, Doves cooing. Natural woodland ambience

Description: Fallow Deer Barking in woodlands at night, distant crow calls in background

Description: Bird song from a British woodland with crow calls

Description: Serengeti grasslands daytime atmosphere, many bird calls and insects chirruping.

Description: Dawn chorus in typical English rural area. Birdsong, crows, doves cooing, some insects

Description: A few small song birds singing and calling with many flies loudly buzzing.

Description: Background ambience from daytime Serengeti, Kenya. Many insects chirruping and different species of birds calling.

Description: Atmosphere from the African Savannah, Kenyan Serengeti. Chirruping of many insects

Description: Dawn chorus in rural springtime England. Many birds singing, including Blackbirds, Song Thrushes. Natural woodland ambience

Description: Contemporary rural British background and ambience. Some birdsong in the background including jackdaws, crows cawing, dove cooing and the distant cry of a buzzard. Some distant agricultural sounds in the far distance (bangs and clunks) including a shotgun fired once. Distant roar of traffic. Loop ready file.

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