Description: Blackbird song with other bird song in the background

Description: Buzzard and crows cawing, flapping of wings

Description: Two jays squawking amongst trees in woodland, slight natural reverberation

Description: Rooster crowing in distance with natural valley ambience and echo

Description: Tawny owl hooting with echo across valley. Rural night time sound effect

Description: Tawny owl, classic twit twoo, echoing through woodland. Haunting night time nature sound effect

Description: Hundreds of jackdaws coming home to roost in woodland. Lots of calling and commotion. Evening nature ambience

Description: Two herring gulls calling, continuous crying, two instances, from rooftop

Description: Angry seagull flying over head protecting nest, gentle waves in background and also distant cuckoo

Description: Several rooks calling and generally making a fuss whilst roosting for the evening. Woodland ambience, some other bird song in the background. Loop ready.

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