Description: Man walking briskly down city street, comes to a stop, traffic in background

Description: Footsteps in flat shoes with hard soles

Description: Walking briskly through grass. Sounds of fabric rubbing against fabric of outdoor clothing.

Description: Walking on dry Autumn leaves, sound of clothing rubbing, outdoor ambience

Description: Walking away from recording position on dry autumn leaves, sound of pigeon retaking off in background, some birdsong

Description: Man walking briskly on pavement in city, some sound of clothing. Busy traffic in background

Description: Walking in very wet mud puddles on footpath. Lots of squelching, some scuffing of shoes

Description: Walking on fine pebble beach, sound of waves in background

Description: Footstep Flat Heels 2, some scuffing

Description: Walking in flip flops on dry earth, leaves and twigs

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