Description: This is my new vocal trance track with beautiful tender mood, which contain soft synth, dance leads and dreamy fx…I have included in pack different versions of this track – original with voice and short looped version with voice, for your comfortable using…This track can be used anywhere – like musical background for websites, in games and movies, as a soundtrack, corporate video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) background, best, business, commercial, corporate, dance, dreamy, easy, electronic, emotional, energetic, fast, loop, melodious, modern, motivational, opening, pop, positive, rhythmical, soft, soundtrack, strings, trance, travel, video, vocal, voice, website, summer, bouncy, bright, confident, discovery, nature, video game, uplifting, smooth, magical, mystical, light, hypnotic, high tech, relaxed, romantic, sentimental, techno, male vocal, human voice, fast tempo

Description: This is a beautiful uplifting dance music composition with trance notes, my vocal samples and tender dreamy synth solo..This track can be used anywhere - as a music, background for websites, games and movies, business projects, corporate videos, flash presentations, slideshows, documentary scientific films, presentations, news, telecasts, podcast, youtube video about nature, space, etc. trance, dance, club, relaxing, background, business, chill, commercial, corporate, deep, electronic, emotional, game, hi tech, intro, logo, modern, mysterious, opening, video, website, bright, calm, dreamy, easy, inspirational, light, alively, magical, meditative, mellow, mystical, positive, peaceful, relaxed, romantic, sentimental, smooth, soft, soothing, sweet, tranquil, travel, uplifting, quiet, hopeful, hypnotic, uplifting trance, fast

Description: This is my newest inspiring, positive and soft electronic music track in 80s and 90s mood and Depeche Mode or Hurts synth pop old style. Track included rythmical drums and bass, soft top notch modern synths, male vocal and pad...This motivational background song can be used in business commercial video presentations, computer games and movies,as a musical background for advertisement, slideshow, business websites, as company logo soundtrack, etc…Enjoy! and thanks for buying!:)

Description: Il s'agit d'un froid très romantique et mélodieux ambiant, musique de fond easy listening piste avec solo de guitare acoustique d'appel d'offres, synthés et somnolente electroniques...Il peut être utilisé comme une musique pour les arrière-plans de sites Web, vidéos familiales, diaporamas, films, retransmissions télévisées, sur la nature, espace, terre, enfants, famille

Description: Il s'agit de mon nouveau, belle, mélodieuse piste chill pop ambiant sur notre vie éphémère avec piano tendre et le solo de guitare acoustique, batterie somnolente et fx. Cette piste peut être utilisée n'importe où – présentation jeux et films, documentaires scientifiques, télédiffusions, nature, espace, comme une musique, arrière-plan pour sites Web etc...

Description: Modern, background electronic music song in pop dance style with a confident action mood. It is a powerful song for your projects with an exciting and uplifting sound, which contains male vocals (it was me:), bright catchy techno synths, driving electric guitars. This track can be used as a musical background for business websites, space war battle games, TV or radio news, advertising and commercial company presentations, fashion youtube videos. Enjoy! aggressive, alien, angry, animated, bouncy, brave, bright, confident, cool, crazy, dangerous, dark, dreamy, emotive, energetic, haunting, heroic, hot, hypnotic, nervous, odd, powerful, robotic, serious, smoky, sparkling, strong, tense, dance, background, music, game, techno, action, fast, intro, inspiring, motivational, inspirational, commercial, club, hi tech, pop, uplifting, electronic, news, political, high tech, video game, tension, fast

Description: Il s'agit de mon nouveau, belle, mélodieuse piste chill pop ambient sur notre vie éphémère avec le solo de guitare acoustique d'appel d'offres, batterie somnolente et fx. Cette piste peut être utilisée n'importe où – en présentation jeux et films documentaires scientifiques, télévision, nature, espace, comme une musique, fond de sites Web etc...

Description: C'est une piste ambiante très romantique et mélodieuse avec guitare acoustique d'appel d'offres et de solo de synthé, sons de la mer et somnolente tambours… électroniqueIl peut être utilisé comme musique d'origines de sites Web, films, nouvelles, films, télévision, sur la nature, espace, Terre, enfants, famille, la mer

Description: Il s'agit d'une pop très romantique et mélodieuse musique de fond ambiant Dreaming piste avec offres solo de guitares acoustiques et électriques, sons fx de la mer et les batteries Electroniques somnolente de détente...Il peut être utilisé n'importe où – comme un fond de musique pour sites Web, films, Actualités météo, films, production TV et radio, retransmissions télévisées, sur la nature, espace, terre, enfants, famille, la mer etc. relaxante

Description: Romantic, positive and soft chill out Romantic Wedding Piano Music with nostalgic tender piano solo and acoustic guitar.. This warm and sensitive track can be used in games and movies, documentary films, presentations, wedding or valentine video, nostalgic photo models slideshows, telecasts, podcasts, youtube videos about nature, as a smooth mellow background music for websites…Sentimental love track… Enjoy! background, background music, beautiful, calm, chill, chillout, cinematic, deep, dreamy, easy listening, emotional, enigma, intro, laid back, meditative, melodious, music, opening, piano, relaxing, romantic, sentimental, soft, sorrow, video, airy, careful, gentle, intimate, lazy, lovely, mellow, neutral, nostalgic, pensive, positive, sad, sensitive, serious, soothing, warm, smooth, sensual, relaxed, reflective, melancholic, slow, video game, wedding, peaceful

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