Description: Pink Floyd meets the Trans Siberian Orchestra describes this epic piece. Begins with spacy strings and mysterious piano work, then explodes into a hot rock guitar melody. It goes through many twists and moods sounding much like a movie soundtrack. Its dark lyrics it will transport you to another world.

Description: Uptempo Contemporary Instrumental combining elements of Latin Fusion, dynamic rhythms, Jazz and various world instruments. A catchy melody with awesome dueling classical guitar and piano riffs toward the end. Progressive, energetic and great for projects needing a dynamic and exciting underscore.

Description: You will feel like you are on an African safari across the Serengeti. A variety of world instruments, flute melodies and an epic orchestral climax. Great for outdoor adventure programs, hunting shows, animal shows, documentaries, commercial advertisements, travel programs, Kwanza events and tourism promos.

Description: Uplifting Contemporary Christian piece featuring beautiful piano melodies, male vocals and emotional lyrics that touch the heart and describe the love Jesus has for us. This loving inspirational piece would be a great fit for any Christmas or Easter project or Christian event or ceremony.

Description: Beautiful piano melodies and lush orchestration. This piece has a heavy emotional quality with a warm, loving feeling of love, peace and tranquility. With a deep ethereal quality, this is perfect for romance scenes, Soap Operas, scenes of love and loss, memories, infant care promos and family films.

Description: Uptempo with light orchestration featuring a variety of world instruments, cool Latin rhythms and a catchy piano melody. Gives a happy, uplifting feel and works well for Home And Garden programs, Travel Channel, Corporate Videos, Weather Channel Video Games, Vacation Promos and family programs.

Description: Dark and hauntingly beautiful piano melody with light orchestration creating a creepy, elegant sense of danger. This piece has a deep mysterious atmosphere perfect for daytime dramas, soap operas, suspense, mystery, medical drama, documentaries, horror and suspense projects.

Description: A fun, upbeat piece with great piano solos, a catchy and beautiful melody and fun rhythms. Perfect for any scene needing a bright and cheery underscore. Great for Travel programs, commercial adverts, corporate videos, Food Network, Home and Garden and anything in need of a happy, positive feel.

Description: Beautiful piano melodies and light orchestration creating a warm, loving atmosphere of peace, love and tranquility. This gorgeous New Age piece would be a nice underscore for romantic scenes, Valentines Day events, massage, yoga, meditation or any project needing a serene and loving feel.

Description: High energy action full of drama and intrigue with a heavy driving beat and a dynamic arrangement that goes through many twists and turns. Provides the perfect underscore for scenes with heavy action, car chases and adventure. Also works well for video games, crime dramas, thrillers and spy films.

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