Description: Happy, playful kids theme music with a catchy melody that will stick in your head. Perfect for an opening theme or underscore to a kids tv show, Nick Jr. cartoon or type of family entertainment. Also great for commercial ads, educational programs, video games, cute animal shows and travel programs. 30 second version.

Description: Deeply disturbing and ominous atmosphere of horror and approaching danger. Begins with a low droning note and clanging chimes. Then grows in intensity with eerie high strings building to a loud, shocking orchestral climax. Great for horror, suspense, drama, mystery, thrillers and Halloween projects. 30 seconds in length.

Description: Hilarious tune with a clumsy, awkward feel featuring piccolo and xylophone in unison creating a comical melody in the style of a Warner Brothers cartoon. Perfect for wacky videos, animated films, childrens projects, comedies, video games, commercials and anything needing great comedy music.

Description: Old time country twang with a smoky honky tonk feel. Features an electric guitar and harmonica melody. Would work well with any scene with a southern or mountain theme. Great for reality TV, games, documentaries, commercial advertisements, film soundtracks, television underscores and internet usages.

Description: Soothing music box melody with a beautiful ethereal backround creating a dreamlike atmosphere of warmth and love. This Brahms like lullaby is perfect for projects involving babies and toddlers. Would also work well with educational programs and advertisements involving pregnancy and parenthood. 30 second version.

Description: Eerie and deranged piano and strings teetering on the edge of madness. A fiend is stalking you in the dark, or some impending danger is about to unfold. This creepy piece is perfect for horror, suspense, drama, mystery or Halloween advertisements. Also great for docudramas, video games and movie trailers. 30 seconds in length.

Description: Traditional Italian or Greek style waltz like something from The Godfather featuring mandolins and orchestral instruments. Great for travel programs, tourism promos, cooking shows, historical documentaries or anything needing that traditional romantic Mediterranean feel.

Description: A happy, playful arrangement with a catchy bell melody. This piece would work well in any childrens project, video games, cartoons, educational videos, Christmas programs, commercial advertisements, and retail promos.

Description: Wacky comedy tune with a quirky piccolo and xylophone melody in the style of a Warner Brothers cartoon with Bugs Bunny other and Looney Toons characters. This hilarious piece is perfect for wacky videos, cartoons, commercials, video games, children’s programs or any project needing a comedic lift.

Description: Lively, upbeat traditional Italian party music featuring accordion and clarinet solos. You will feel like you are at an Italian celebration with dancing, wine and Italian cuisine. Perfect for commercials, travel shows, cooking shows, documentaries, happy events or any project needing a festive feel.

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