Description: Horrifying and shocking with a feel of an ominous presence or danger in the style of Halloween and Friday The 13th. Combining orchestration, music box melodies and synths, this piece is a scary ride from the start. Perfect for horror projects, thrillers, suspense, mysteries, dramas, games or Halloween advertisements.

Description: Fast tempo ragtime piece with piano as the solo instrument in the style of classic silent films. Keystone Cops, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton. Great for games, wacky videos, comedies, slapstick, cartoons, You Tube videos, childrens media, commercials or period any work of the early 20th century.

Description: Great ragtime in the style of Scott Joplin. A catchy melody and featuring upright piano, bass, tuba and clarinet. It brings to mind the era of silent films. Perfect for any period work of the early 1900s, wacky videos, comedies, kids media, video games, cartoons, advertisements and historical documentaries. 60 seconds in length.

Description: Quirky orchestral comedy piece in the style of a Hallmark romantic comedy movie. With a sassy clarinet and accordion melody, this piece is sure to enhance any scene needing a light comedic underscore. The 60 second length also makes it perfect for TV and radio ads or wacky You Tube videos.

Description: Exotic Middle Eastern rhythms, wind instrument melodies and orchestration with an epic, cinematic soundscape. Great for historical documentaries, travel tourism promos, snake charming, espionage, action / adventure films and programs with nomads, camels, desserts, harems and drug runners. 60 seconds in length.

Description: Authentic African rhythms with dramatic melodies and orchestration puts you right into the heart of the jungle. Perfect for outdoor adventure programs, hunting shows, animal shows, documentaries, commercial adverts, travel programs, Kwanza events and tourism promos. 60 seconds in length.

Description: Traditional Italian or Greek style waltz like something from The Godfather featuring mandolins and orchestral instruments. Great for travel programs, tourism promos, cooking shows, historical documentaries or anything needing that traditional romantic Mediterranean feel.

Description: Excellent traditional marching band piece in the style of John Philip Sousa with drums, cymbals, piccolo, glockenspiel, winds and brass. Great for historical documentaries, commercials, patriotic and military events, patriotic holidays, kids media and any project needing great marching music.

Description: High energy action full of drama and intrigue with a heavy driving beat and a dynamic arrangement that goes through many twists and turns. Provides the perfect underscore for scenes with heavy action, car chases and adventure. Also works well for video games, crime dramas, thrillers and spy films.

Description: Lively, upbeat traditional Italian party music featuring accordion and clarinet solos. You will feel like you are at an Italian celebration with dancing, wine and Italian cuisine. Perfect for commercials, travel shows, cooking shows, documentaries, happy events or any project needing a festive feel.

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