Description: Eerie and suspenseful like something evil is about to happen or be revealed. Feature film style underscore beginning with low ominous strings with a creepy synthesizer melody in the distance, resolving in a haunting piano melody. Great for suspense, horror, mystery, advertisements, dramas or Halloween promos. 60 seconds in length.

Description: Deeply eerie and disturbing music box melody overlaying a low haunting choir, cellos and creepy ghostly voices that makes your skin crawl. This terrifying piece is perfect for any horror, paranormal, suspense, mystery project, intense games, Halloween adverts or anything needing an ominous feel. 60 second version.

Description: Classic spy film music filled with the familiar tremolo guitar and high horns associated with the James Bond films. A good fit for a spy spoof project, espionage, mystery or crime drama scene. Also great for commercial advertisements, promos and video games.

Description: Great ragtime in the style of Scott Joplin. A catchy melody and featuring upright piano, bass, tuba and clarinet. It brings to mind the era of silent films. Perfect for any period work of the early 1900s, wacky videos, comedies, kids media, video games, cartoons, advertisements and historical documentaries. 60 seconds in length.

Description: Phantom Of The Opera and Vincent Price come to mind when listening to this gothic pipe organ piece. This is classic horror music at its best and perfect for any gothic horror projects, haunted houses, video games, Halloween advertisements and retail promos, documentaries and You Tube videos. 60 seconds in length.

Description: In the best of Irish music traditions, this grand piece begins with a bagpipe ensemble changing to a lively celtic harp and flute melody, percussion and resolving to a grand finale of pipes, harp, flute and mandolins. Perfect for projects with an Irish or Scottish theme, St. Patricks Day and documentaries.

Description: A happy uptempo Reggae piece with an ensemble that includes steel drums and takes you to white sandy beaches and tropical tour destinations. Perfect for tourism promos, resorts, travel programs, documentaries, adverts and any project needing that island paradise feel. 60 second version.

Description: Energetic action packed piece with a lot of punch combining orchestral instruments, world percussion, synthesizers and guitar. Perfect for opening themes for Network TV News and sports, outdoor adventure programs, video games, fast action projects, travel promos and commercial advertisements.

Description: This haunting piece is extremely creepy and will send shivers up your spine. An eerie chime melody and dark orchestral arrangement invoking a deep sense of mystery, horror and suspense to keep your audience on the edge of their seat. Great for horror, thriller, suspense or mystery projects as well as games and adverts.

Description: Exotic Middle Eastern rhythms, wind instrument melodies and orchestration with an epic, cinematic soundscape. Great for historical documentaries, travel tourism promos, snake charming, espionage, action / adventure films and programs with nomads, camels, desserts, harems and drug runners. 60 seconds in length.

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