Description: Hilarious tune with a clumsy, awkward feel featuring piccolo and xylophone in unison creating a comical melody in the style of a Warner Brothers cartoon. Perfect for wacky videos, animated films, childrens projects, comedies, video games, commercials and anything needing great comedy music.

Description: Old time country twang with a smoky honky tonk feel. Features an electric guitar and harmonica melody. Would work well with any scene with a southern or mountain theme. Great for reality TV, games, documentaries, commercial advertisements, film soundtracks, television underscores and internet usages.

Description: Happy, playful kids theme music with a catchy melody that will stick in your head. Perfect for an opening theme or underscore to a kids tv show, Nick Jr. cartoon or type of family entertainment. Also great for commercial ads, educational programs, video games, cute animal shows and travel programs. 30 second version.

Description: Deeply disturbing and ominous atmosphere of horror and approaching danger. Begins with a low droning note and clanging chimes. Then grows in intensity with eerie high strings building to a loud, shocking orchestral climax. Great for horror, suspense, drama, mystery, thrillers and Halloween projects. 30 seconds in length.

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