Description: Calming Music for Relaxation, Anxiety, Sleep & Panic. "Seventh Heaven" is ideal for Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki Healing, Massage, Reflexology, and other relaxation techniques. It is highly effective at inducing sleep and can be used as a way to help your brain get into a meditative state. The slow tempo and musical structure encourages the heart rate and breathing to slow down. This calming new age music is even more effective if you can listen with headphones on. Use "Seventh Heaven" to help combat negativity and a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms and sensations.

Description: Soaring, Epic, Grand and Dramatic Instrumental Orchestral Filmscore Music. Gradually building to a big climax. Perfect for film, television, corporate videos, trailers and advertising. Hans Zimmer, John Williams influences. Orchestra, Emotional, Moving, Dark, Bright, Wildlife, Military, Army, Battle, Underscore, Instrumental, Incidental, Background.

Description: Fun, quirky, rhythmic and catchy music with a positive vibe. African Elephant features African percussion, vocals, african drums, voices, trombones, brass and acoustic guitar. Fun, quirky and catchy music with a positive vibe. Perfect for advertising too!

Description: Epic Orchestral Music ideal for film trailers, gaming or short music cues. Dramatic symphonic music gradually building to a climax. Orchestra with vocals, brass, strings, woodwind and percussion. Action, adventure, fantasy.

Description: Soaring and Dramatic Instrumental Orchestral Music expressing a musical transformation. Builds up to a climax drawing on influences from Danny Elfman, John Williams and Hans Zimmer. Perfect for Film, Television or Advertising.

Description: Epic, cinematic and dramatic battle orchestral music ideal for Hollywood film, a superhero or game soundtracks depicting war, warriors and intense army military confrontations. The film score sweeps through various moods from menacing, evil, futuristic to heroic and patriotic with big and grand transitions. Tense, triumphant with emotional undertones leading to sweeping symphonic powerful climaxes resolving into an uplifting and heroic resolution. The sci-fi, martial and fantasy style of orchestra music is a cross between Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Danny Elfman, Thomas Bergersen, John Williams and James Newton Howard. Instrumentation features: brass, drums, percussion, woodwind, male and female vocal chorus, strings, choirs and horns. Boombastic and full of epic action for a blockbuster or movie trailer.

Description: Relaxing music for healing, chronic fatigue, anxiety, yoga, mindfulness, reiki, massage, stress, reflexology, sleep disorders and other relaxation techniques. The tempo and mood of this new age music is designed to encourage your breathing and heart rate to slow down. Listen with headphones on for the most beneficial recovery result. Raindrops beautiful instrumental music to boost physical and emotional health whilst promoting inner peace and healing the soul.

Description: Electronic dance music with commercial elements of trance and techno electronica. It has a trippy, psychedelic and funky mood with a strong melodic theme that is ideal for background music, corporate videos and other visual media. Influences include Darude, Ian Van Dahl and Cafe Del Mar. Groovy electro music with a hippy, hypnotic, retro and futuristic vibe.

Description: Happy ukulele melody and hand claps with subtle layers of percussion, glockenspiel, harp and piano. Capping off the track is a human whistling theme that enhances the positive, bouncy and fun vibe of the music. It is the perfect summer instrumental track for any lighthearted, childlike and optimistic transition, full of bright sounding instrumentation and cheerful harmonies. Perfect background music for any type of presentation, radio, tutorial or advertisement that needs to evoke lightheartedness and pure happiness. It’ll be hard for you to not foot tap and whistle along to this catchy, cheeky and delightful summertime music.

Description: Lush, downtempo, electronic instrumental music that has a steady beat with interesting, energetic and engaging tones carrying it from beginning to end. It gradually builds to a resolved climax and features synthesizers, percussion, melodic chimes and soaring strings. Everything works in harmony to make this uplifting music reach the soul. It is perfect for advertising body, hair and shower products, scenes depicting underwater corals or swimming fish, ocean documentaries, nature or even the undiscovered universe. This music represents a trip into space or down to the aquatic underwater realm. A magical, floating and fascinating world awaits as the instruments combine to create a bubbling echo effect, that gives the impression of being underwater, whilst accompanied by a soaring, ethereal and melodic string theme.

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