Description: A loopable calm and positive corporate background - perfect for long presentation or advertising - you can fade out this track every time you want key: C major tempo: 105 bpm

Description: The perfect music for relaxed medias to lean back, enjoy and trouble slip away

Description: Deep relaxation track with spheric sounds. Suits perfectly for meditation, wellness spa, healing speeches, audio books, satsang or just a calm soothing background music in any media production. Also good for tutorial lecture or documentary background.

Description: An acoustic ballad for pretty moments. Beautiful and inspiring ballad. With a base of acoustic guitars and piano sound.

Description: A modern electronic corporate loop for business, advertising or slideshows. key: C major tempo: 128bpm

Description: This is an inspiring and uplifting corporate music, with a motivational and confident vibe, perfect for promotional and successful corporate media projects. For corporate presentation and informational videos, explainer and infographics projects, educational and foundation advertising, uplifting music for real estate, inspiring music for tutorials and training videos, medical innovations and healthcare campaigns, web agency service and marketing communication, podcast and radio commercials.

Description: Perfect background music for advertising and other long positive media projects with piano, muted guitars, strings and drums. Tempo: 120 bpm

Description: This music track is humbled and positive in its nature, bringing an upbeat feel together with motivational percussion, perfect for corporate tracks and any business ventures. It will fit nicely as a background piece or even a foreground piece to keep your audience encapsulated and inspired.

Description: An inspiring, positive, fresh and motivational corporate music track for digital marketing purposes, piano, delayed muted guitars, corporate motivational vibes and steady confident rhythm and atmosphere that will help you to make your corporate or other project really stand out! It will be a perfect choice for a corporate narration background, motivational, inspiring, corporate videos, digital marketing, corporation presentations, innovative technological videos, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows. Mood of the song is really inspiring, light, corporate, beautiful, soft and uplifting, works great like a background music track for hundreds of clients around the world. It will amplify your message and help your video to showcase your professionalism to your audience and clients!

Description: This is an upbeat, uplifting, positive, happy, catchy, playful, folk track. Perfect for family video, TV/radio broadcast, advertising, film, and video productions.

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