Description: Hip Hop, urban, cool, down tempo, chill, soul, sax worm

Description: New Jack, Rap, Urban, New Jack Swing, Swingbeat, hip hop

Description: Opener, nostalgic, piano, light activity, warm, soft sell, opener, closer, work part

Description: Raw, urban, grunge, hip hop, heavy metal, youth

Description: Hip Hop, urban, club, down tempo, rap, dance

Description: Exotic locations, middle eastern, mysterious, mood, trade routes, dark

Description: Organic-acoustic guitar, opener, rural, homespun, naturesque, work part

Description: Indie Rock, Rock Guitar, Longing, Gritty

Description: A bouncy New Jack Swing retro piece. Urban and Hip Hop. Solo Instrumental. Novelty and Specialty.

Description: Hip Hop, Rock, Soul, Swamp, Neo-Country, Girl Whoas, Groove, Attitude, Hick Hop

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