Description: Epic theme for cinema and gaming. Big orchestra and bold bigger than life sound. Sports triumph theme. Striving and driving, upward battle. Courageous struggle to final victory.

Description: A Funky light corporate tune that crosses over to light industrial. Determination, drive and optimism combined with a "can do" attitude ultimately carry the day. Mission being accomplished.

Description: A light corporate financial tune designed to convey the lighter side of corporate imaging. Major Key. Positive, reassuring, honest and uplifting

Description: Chill, Vocals, Techno, Trance, Mood, Mysterioso, Poignant, Robotic, Sad, Electronica, Hip Hop, Piano, Specialty

Description: Guitar, Street, Steady, Funk, Groove, Light Jazz, Hip Hop, Chill, Trance, Urban, Slow

Description: EDM, Vocals, Pop, Techno, House, Electronica, Fashion, Runway, Rap, Youth, Exercise, Driving

Description: Funky, Specialty, Movie Thematic, Steady, Dramatic, Competitive, Attitude, Off Beat, Brass, Retro, 70s, Soulful, Sassy, Jazz-Rock

Description: Rock, Vocals, Hard Style, Heavy Metal, Ominous, Raw, Nasty, Dark, Aggressive, Grunge, Attitude, Hip Hop, Extreme

Description: Dance, EDM, Techno, Disco, Action Dubstep, Build, High Energy, Exciting, Upbeat, Excercise

Description: Urban, Wa Wa, Hip Hop, Funky, Techno, Science, Steady, Dark, Retro, Street

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