Description: Nostalgic, uplifting, positive, honest, straight forward, innocent, fresh. light activity

Description: Colorful, rural, relaxed, honest, fresh, bright,light activity

Description: Flute, simple, hometown, reassuring. light activity, homecoming

Description: Acoustic guitars, reassuring, formidable, motivational, trusting, active. light activity, upward mobility, better than average

Description: Fun, carefree, bouncy, bright, confident. light activity, productivity, lean but not mean

Description: Clean, motivational, light activity, supportive, trusting, upbeat, refreshing, can-do spirit, bouncy, fresh

Description: Warm, reassuring, hometown, light activity, vibrant,, New Marketplace

Description: Hard hitting funk groove, organ feature punctuated with drums

Description: Vision and perseverance, upliifting informerical thematic

Description: Pulsating synth bath, driving , robotic technology feel

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