Description: Dogged determination, nasty, constant action, never give an inch, fight to the finish bass intro, giant drums, big hits, sports, tenacious

Description: Face Off, Underdog, Striving against all odds, competition, orchestral, sports, up beat mission music

Description: Inspirational, uplifting, courage, challenge, orchestral, uplifting, sports, heroic, determined, Anthem

Description: Intense, mission music, event, challenge, driving, chase, sports, exciting, action, determined

Description: Victory, challenge, inspirational, hopeful, positive, courageous, hopeful, forceful, robust, compelling

Description: Fanfare horns, Challenge, building, orchestral, finish line in sight, courageous, dauntless, resolute

Description: Time Clock, Percussive, Discovery, power drums, techno challenge, pounding, closing in on the goal, industrial, corporate image

Description: Competition, challenge, race, big hits, orchestral, striving, spirit of success, steadfast dogged determination

Description: Chill, Vocals, Techno, Trance, Mood, Mysterioso, Poignant, Robotic, Sad, Electronica, Hip Hop, Piano, Specialty

Description: Guitar, Street, Steady, Funk, Groove, Light Jazz, Hip Hop, Chill, Trance, Urban, Slow

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