Description: Trailer, heroic, determined, orchestral, bold, noble,, cinematic, film thematic, sweeping action, courageous,

Description: Trailer, heroic, determined, orchestral, war, battle, dark, compelling, momentous, legendary, imposing,game, trailer

Description: Massive drums, riser, warrior, tragedy, growing, climbing, tribute, orchestra, hopeful, uplifting

Description: Mission Music, orchestral, film, action, mystery, heroic, battle, warfare, desperate, climactic

Description: Dark, Fantasy, danger, outer space, wonderment, percussive, battle, film, game, triumph over evil, chase, awe inspiring, galactic

Description: Epic Mission Music, urgent, choir, film, time clock, spy stuff countdown, bold brass, race against time

Description: Super hero, anti-hero, underworld, choir, fantasy, film, driving, dark, good vs evil, race against time

Description: Riser, massive drums, climbing, super hero, courage, honor, warrior, anti-hero, growing, movie trailer, orchestra, chase in parts, swashbuckling

Description: Villain, anti-hero, explosive, super hero, film, percussive, noble, thematic, fantasy, sweeping, trumpet call, chase in sections, choir vocal

Description: Gothic, choir vocal, evocative, war, ancient, modern, film, conflict of good vs evil, swashbuckling, massive drums, fight to the finish

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