Description: Down Home, Friendly, inspirational, piano, guitar, drums, bass

Description: Folksy, hometown, homespun, honest

Description: Folk flavor, laid back, easy, honest, acoustic

Description: Intriguing with suspense, mystery and tension in a fun and playful acoustic contemporary style

Description: Pleasant, pretty andf relaxing in an easy acoustic class pop-rock style

Description: Uptempo with duo guitar melody and bluegrass jam in an acoustic country rural style

Description: Beautiful, melodic and relaxed but moves along in a heartfelt, traveling and pastoral contemporary acoustic style

Description: Aggressive and in your face with a popping bass in an acoustic funk-rock style

Description: Loose, upbeat and optomistic whistling on a country road in a happy-go-lucky acoustic old time country style

Description: Light and cheerful, upbeat and dapper in a ""got the world by a string"" acoustic swing stytle

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